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Coots Sand Company was founded by Floyd Coots on May 1, 1958. A sand plant purchased from Benton County Concrete Company of Vinton, Iowa, and two employees began producing six different aggregates with the first sand dredge in Benton County. Floyd's wife Gwen did the record keeping for the company.

In 1962 a limestone crushing business was purchased from Willis Dake at the Demmel Quarry site. The name was changed to Coots Materials Company. Dump truck delivery and Ag lime spreading services operated from the new site with three full-time and two part-time employees.

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Excavator and truck

Many changes took place in 1976. The company incorporated and the name became Coots Materials Company, Inc. David Coots, Floyd's son became a partner and a shareholder. 

Building and utilizing one of the first Ag lime transfer conveyors in the area enabled spreader trucks to stay in the field while dump trucks brought lime to the location. In 1998 Global Positioning was added for maximum efficiency when spreading Ag lime.  

Coots Materials Company joined the Iowa Limestone Producers Association in 1978. And received Safety Awards each year for having zero "lost time" accidents.

The record held strong until 1996. Dave Coots has served on the Ag Lime Committee, Convention Committee, Technical Committee and Nomination Committee. He was elected to the Board of Directors in 1986 and became President in 1992.   

Floyd Coots sold his remaining interests to Dave in 1985, and became semi-retired. Gwen Coots handed down the accounting duties to Dave's wife Mary who started with the company that same year as a scale operator. Floyd and Gwen lived out their retirement years together sharing the same interests until their deaths in 1992 and 1993.

The vision started by Floyd Coots is continuing through his family. The goal of a well-managed, efficient family business has been attained. Dave, now the full owner of the business, sees many new facets to be explored and expanded.

With the help of his wife Mary, daughter Tyneal, son-in-law Jody, and the many quality employees, the possibilities are unlimited. Continuing operational improvements coupled with an optimistic outlook makes the future look very promising for Coots Materials Company.

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