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Coots Materials Company offers multiple types of sand material for businesses, contractors and private sector clients. A family-owned and -operated business since 1958, our experienced team can deliver your supplies directly to your location. 

Whether your project involves a new community playground area or a new livestock pen on your farm, enlist the professionals to help you determine which materials would work best for you. Coots Materials Company also offers FREE estimates for qualifying clients!

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Quarry services

From thin, fine sand to thicker gravel, Coots Materials Company's inventory includes various sizes of materials.

Sturdy and reliable, our sand products are often used for back fill or leveling, as well as seal coat jobs and landscaping projects.

Often used for

Excavator and truck
  • Building sites
  • Livestock pens
  • Sand boxes
  • Beaches
  • Volleyball courts

Coots Sand material inventory

Black Dirt
Uses: Building sites, areas to be raised, and/or have better black dirt applied on top. 

Clay Fill
Uses: Building sites as back fill or to raise the grade. 

State Concrete Sand
(Washed Sand, Concrete Sand)
Uses: Concrete, livestock pens, sand boxes, beaches, playgrounds, or volleyball courts. 

Mason Sand
(Very fine grade of sand)
Uses: Masonry work, many different applications. 

River Gravel
Sizes 3/8" | 1" | 2 1/2"
Uses: Smaller sizes - seal coat jobs and playgrounds.
Larger sizes - landscaping and septic beds in Benton County. 

Size: Larger than 2 1/2"
Uses: Landscaping.

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